Greystone Crossing

1221 21st Street, Heyburn, ID 83336


1221 21st Street, Heyburn, ID 83336

(Frequently asked questions)

Do you have vacancies?


May I come if I'm wheelchair bound?

If you are able to manage your own self-care, transfers and mobility within Greystone Crossing, then yes.

Who will care for me or loved one if medical help is needed?

Each resident will provide an emergency contact to assist with these needs.  Greystone Crossing will transport the residents to medical appointments.  An ambulance will be called if our resident needs emergency care, or is unresponsive.

May I allow guests to stay?

Overnight guests are welcome in the room if assisting with hospice or temporary rehabilitative progress.  If we have a vacant tenant room, it can be scheduled for use by your guest (two per room maximum).  No overnight accommodations for children.

Are married couples allowed?

Up to four rooms can be shared by a couple to remain within our overnight maximum of 16 residents, per fire code.

What is the monthly cost for living at Greystone Crossing?

$1,795 per month.

Are you funded through Medicare?

Medicare will pay for physician prescribed home health and hospice services at Greystone Crossing, as well as Physical and Occupational Therapy for home-bound residents.

What is the size of your rooms?

11′ x 15′ bedroom (not including closet and kitchenette space) plus 5′ X 7′ ADA compliant bathroom.

Are there room size options?

No, all rooms are exactly the same.

May I bring pets?

No, we are unable to accommodate pets.

How much of my own furnishings should I bring?

You are free to furnish your room as you wish.  We provide a wall mounted, flat screen TV, microwave and small refrigerator.

What size bed do you recommend?

We recommend a twin or full size.

May I bring my own vehicle?


Will there be personal parking spaces?

We have 20 parking spaces for 12 resident rooms.

How often will you provide transportation?

We will have two scheduled days for transportation, plus one Walmart shopping time.

What do you mean by "local transportation provided"?

We’ll take you to medical and personal care appointments as well as shopping and friends you like to visit in the Mini-Cassia area.

If I am interested in your facility what should I do next?

Call (208) 650-4979 to schedule an appointment to see Greystone Crossing.  Complete the application online, or print and bring to your appointment.

Senior woman smiling Greystone

At Greystone Crossing, we believe seniors should be able to live in a home environment for as long as possible.