Greystone Crossing

1221 21st Street, Heyburn, ID 83336


1221 21st Street, Heyburn, ID 83336

In the simplest terms, Greystone Crossing is a 12 bedroom home. The residential design serves as a home for up to 16 senior citizens who will live together as a family, benefiting from social interaction and stimulation, especially while enjoying meals together.

With familiar treasures and furniture in their private space, the resident will enjoy the ability to receive guests at their own exterior entrance.

Greystone Crossing will provide all meals and housekeeping needs as well as local transportation for shopping and appointments.  It is our passion and purpose to help seniors maintain independent of full service assisted living for as long as possible, assisting in the management of their mobility and health care needs with family and/or private caregivers.

Semi-Dependent Living

Senior women enjoying meal senior living

Bridging the Gap

Greystone Cheerful Senior Man senior living

Bridging the gap between living at home and medically necessary assisted living, Greystone Crossing provides housing, meals, and limited supportive services to senior residents.

We believe seniors can live independent of full service assisted living long after they are unable or no longer want to remain alone in their own home.  The caring staff at Greystone Crossing work collaboratively with the resident, their care-giving loved ones and other community resources* to allow the resident to remain in our home environment.

*family, private, home health, hospice, etc.

A Peaceful Community

Kind neighbors, compassionate caregivers and a safe home bring a peaceful community atmosphere to seniors.  Greystone Crossing will be that safe home, and our staff will be an extension of their loving caregiver family.

Greystone Crossing is appropriate for seniors who can ambulate independently, managing their own dressing and personal grooming. If needed, assistance from family, agencies and/or private caregivers is welcome to maintain residence requirements.

Semi-dependent living within Greystone Crossing does not offer healthcare services or medical assistance but does offer a nutritious home cooked meal plan, housekeeping and local transportation. 

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Matt and Kelly Owners
Matthew & Kelly Wiggins

“Evident in our communities is a housing gap for those who can live completely independent of help, and those whose only lack from said independence is the ability to cook, do laundry and clean their home. For most, this gap can last years, and sometimes to the end of their years. Keeping a clean, safe home for seniors is our passion and as a hobby caterer, my “need to feed” will literally fuel our tenants with good nutrition!” – Kelly

“With lifetime career accomplishments in education, social and home health services as well as construction, I am particularly engaged in the physical and social needs of the seniors. I will maintain a safe environment, while creating a sense of family and community among the residents.” – Matthew